President of Uzbekistan announces start of construction of gas-chemical complex in Karakol free economic zone

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his visit to Bukhara region May 31 gave a start to construction of gas-chemical complex MTO, which will be built in the free economic zone “Karakol”. This will be the first plant operating on methanol-to-olefins (MTO) technology. About 5 billion dollars will be invested in the project and the most advanced technologies from the USA, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy and China will be installed.
The unified complex will process 1.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 430 thousand tons of naphtha per year and produce 1.1 million tons of polymer products, which are in high demand in our country and on the world market. It is estimated that such products give 5 times more added value compared to the price of gas. The new plant will employ 2000 people.
TEG Heavy Projects is the general subcontractor of logistics services for the gas-zimic complex of MTO. A contract has been signed between the partners for the delivery of more than 30,000 tons (300,000 freight tons) of process equipment and other cargo from Europe and East and Southeast Asia to Bukhara region.
"We would like to congratulate our partners on an important event, the launch of the construction of the gas chemical complex of ITO. We have been closely cooperating with the project for several years and within the framework of long-term agreements in 2024-2025 we plan to transport more than 10,000 tons (50,000 freight tons) of oversized cargo through the Volga-Don shipping channel and more than 20,000 tons (250,000 freight tons) of oversized cargo by standard containers and lorries. The cargo will be shipped from China, India, Singapore, South Korea and European countries.
We wish you quick completion of construction works and successful start-up of the first methanol-to-olefins (MTO) plant outside China. We in turn are ready to ensure safe and timely delivery of important components of such innovative production from East Asian and European countries." - said Sultanbek Kayumov, General Director of TEG Heavy Projects.
To date, TEG Heavy Projects has already delivered an oversized cargo weighing 170 tons (500 freight tons) from China to Karakul for the needs of the gas chemical complex and an oversized cargo - gas cooler reactor weighing 314 tons (931 freight tons) from India for the needs of the gas chemical complex.